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Who is Investing Your Money

Our company is a registered investment advisor. We specialize in building and managing INCOME WITH GROWTH investment accounts for a select number of clients seeking regular income in addition to capital appreciation. Our value-oriented, balanced-investment philosophy emphasizes professionally managed, endowment-like investment funds that seek to:

  1. produce growth through regular, predictable, and increasing income,
  2. produce additional growth through gains and capital appreciation, and
  3. provide low price volatility.

We are a family owned and managed investment advisory firm. We invest our funds in the same manner we prescribe for our clients. Our clients tend to be as concerned with Return Of Invested Funds as they are with Return On Invested Funds. Our investment decisions are based on many years of experience in addition to ongoing analysis of Market conditions.

Recent history confirms the relationship between investment reward and investment risk. We believe investing involves the taking of acceptable risk in order to achieve desired returns. We believe investors should seek diversification in their investment holdings to help mitigate investment risks. We want income being paid to our clients regularly from a large and widely diversified number of carefully selected investments.

We are strictly a fee-based investment advisory firm. We do not charge commissions. There is no incentive for us to sell anything, only to perform. Our website is

Please contact Bill Williams, President, or Paul Williams, Assistant to the President, for more information regarding our firm and its investment services.


We have been involved with the management of investments for many years. During this time, we have found it to be much more likely that an investor with a sound investment plan will enjoy greater success than will the investor with no plan other than "to get rich from investments". As market conditions change, we anticipate that we may change some of the things we are doing to implement our plan for the investment of your funds; we do not anticipate changing our plan.

We seek to provide our clients the comfort and security derived from owning a value-oriented, balanced-investment, endowment-like investment fund that seeks growth through 1) capital appreciation and 2) regular, predictable, and increasing income payments.


We try to not pay too much for the items we are purchasing. Often we purchase items while others are selling as this allows us to buy these items at what we believe are temporary "sale" prices. With investments, if you are going to "buy low and sell high", often you must be buying when others are not.


We try to not have too much invested in any one holding. We seek to emphasize the areas of the Investment Markets that we believe will do well and limit exposure to areas that we believe will not do well. As you might imagine, the "areas" are regularly changing, and sometimes these changes happen with great speed and intensity. We seek to structure investment portfolios to ensure regular income payments from a variety of stocks and bonds, thereby limiting exposure to the problems of any one area of the Market while also providing flexibility to increase holdings in an area that indicates likelihood for good fortune. In so doing, we emphasize holding investments expected to continue to pay regular and predictable income.


We plan to purchase investment securities that are expected to be held for extended time periods. The bulk of longer-term investment holdings are expected to generate regular, predictable, and increasing income while also offering opportunities for capital appreciation; these holdings comprise the INCOME WITH GROWTH portion of your portfolio. Other holdings seek to emphasize the stability of regular income payments; these items comprise the INCOME portion of your portfolio. Other investment holdings emphasize growth through capital gains; these holdings comprise the GROWTH portion of your portfolio.

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